An Entrepreneurial Success

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What do you love? Where does your passion lie? Following what burns inside of you is the only decision for some. After years of selling software, he knew there was something more out there for him…more satisfying. He knew something had been ignited, and he felt he had no choice. He did his research, took classes, and got his license. He wasn’t allowing anything to stop him from becoming a full-time broker.

Jerad started working for a National Tenant Rep Firm, where he received great experience. He says, “I was responsible for picking up my own accounts but sharing most of the revenue with the company.” There are benefits of a large real estate firm, but unfortunately most of the money goes back to the company. Jerad saw this as great potential and an opportunity.

Jerad knew it was time…his time to break off on his own. He quickly found out, he would have to juggle a multitude of unexpected tasks.  It is not just about keeping the customers you already have. Along with finding new ones, he would become an IT manager, an accountant, a web designer, and a marketer. He says, “Even if you outsource any or all of them, you are heavily involved in the details of each of them. You have to be able to diversify your skill set.”

As Jerad looks back at when he started, hurdles and obstacles were an ongoing issue. He says, “You are responsible for everything.” With learning as you go on some tasks, it is easy to see how things might not go as you expect. Jerad says, “Have a plan in place. Variables will pop up, but deal with them as they do.”

With so many ways to become distracted, being dedicated is a necessity. Jerad says, “Keep a solid schedule. This makes goal setting day to day operations successful.” It also helps maintain order, especially since there really is not a typical day. You might be doing real estate transactions and new business development one day, and the next day may entail troubleshooting. Jerad says, “Everyday is different, but that’s one thing I enjoy about owning my own business.”

Whether it’s real estate or something else, what do you need to know before you start your own business? Jerad says, “You need to have confidence in yourself, your skills, and your product or service and the means in place. You also have to be willing to work hard to make it a success.” He says you might have a day to day battle, but you have to make the business happen. It all begins with passion. Without passion, it will make the work, managing, and the day to day activities that much harder.

Starting a business is never easy, especially in this economy. With the growth and success of his business, Jerad has demonstrated, with determination, motivation, and passion, it’s not only possible to survive, your business can thrive.

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